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Remarks by the Spokesman of the Chinese Embassy on the rumors spread by Falun Gong organization (2001-08-24)


Recently, the Falun Gong organization is stepping up its rumormongering campaign, alleging that 130 Falun Gong practitioners under re-education through labor at Ma San Jia, Liaoning Province, went on a hunger strike to protest the extension of their term of re-education. Correspondingly, in Ottawa and Toronto, a handful of Falun Gong practitioners also claimed to put up hunger strikes in support.

Investigation reveals that there is absolutely no such thing as illegal and overdue detention of or hunger strike by Falun Gong practitioners at the aforesaid location, as alleged by the Falun Gong organization. Instead, everything is in normal order there. It must be pointed out that the legitimate rights of those under re-education are fully protected as specified by laws of China. Once they come to realize their wrongdoings and show serious repentance, they will be released to start a normal life.

Recent Falun Gong activities have once again laid bare their despicable tricks to draw public attention and support by repeatedly spreading rumors and creating trouble. But rumors are rumors after all.All tricks of the Falun Gong organization are doomed to failure.    

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