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Statement of the Chinese Embassy in Canada (2001-08-01)


Lin Shenli, a Falun Gong practitioner, is brought under education through labor by China’s judicial departments in accordance with relevant laws, because of his agitation for cult activities and disruption of public order. As for the time of his release, it is entirely decided by Lin’s own behaviour.

Lin Shenli is a Chinese citizen. The necessary measures taken by the Chinese government against law-offenders of Chinese citizenship fall completely within the scope of China’s internal affairs. This is a matter of law rather than a human rights issue. Anybody and any foreign countries should refrain from irresponsible comments.

Having claimed more than 1,600 lives of its followers, Falun Gong is an anti-humanity, anti-society and anti-science cult with political motives, which endangers people’s lives and violates their human rights. Falun Gong has already degenerated into a tool of anti-China forces. The banning of Falun Gong in accordance with the law by the Chinese government is in response to the common wishes of the vast majority of people, including those in religious circle, and is absolutely nacessary.

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