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Falun Gong Leads Its Followers to Homicides(2) (2001-04-17)


  Dong, who was allegedly out of his sense, took a small knife  and broke into the house of his neighbor Jiang Wencai, a 76- year- old retiree, and stabbed in his neck. Thanks to the timely arrival of the police, Dong was arrested and could no longer hurt someone.
  Li Ting, who was under 18, killed his own parents with a dagger, at 2 a.m. on March 20, 1999 and he confessed to the police as  follows:
  Police: Why did you kill your parents?
  Li: I think they are devils and I am a Buddha, so I have to  wipe them out.
  Police: When and where did you learn the knowledge of devil and Buddha?
  Li: I learned from Falun Gong since I graduated from my junior  middle school in 1997.    
  According to Falun Gong instructions by Li Hongzhi, "devils are anywhere," and "humankind has become completely devil-like  abnormal beings." This Falun Gong absurdity enchanted its  practitioners who gave up their social responsibilities and  disregarded family duties and feelings and so became destructive  tools controlled by the Falun Gong cult.
  On August 23, 1996, Wang Xuezhong, a young man addicted to the  cult, lost his mind indicating all of a sudden that his father  Wang Jirong was a devil and snatched a knife and stabbed his  father 17 times in the head, neck and breast area, who later died  from the injuries.    Enditem  

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