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Falun Gong Leads Its Followers to Homicides(1) (2001-04-17)


  BEIJING, April 17 (Xinhuanet) -- A good woman dared to break into  another person's house and hack up the people there; a good father killed his son and a good student stabbed own father.
  All these are horrible acts, but they are also irrefutable  evidence of the brutal deaths at the hands of Falun Gong  practitioners and cult leader Li Hongzhi and expose the evil  nature of the Falun Gong, which can only lead its followers along  a destructive path which in turn may cause harm to innocent people.
  Yuan Tianyun, a good girl who studied hard at school, lived in  a village in Panyu, south Guangdong Province, and dreamed she had  been insulted by few men every night after she took to the Falun  Gong. Three months later, Yuan took a knife and broke into Huang  Daisheng' home and killed a man, who she believes had been among  those insulting her in her dreams.
  On the morning of July 17, 1999, Long Gang, a self-employed  small businessman in west municipality Chongqing, jumped off a  local bridge, holding his 6-year-old son while murmuring Falun  Gong instructions. His son was saved by neighbors but Long drowned.
  Dong Ning, a worker in Weihai in eastern province of Shandong,  failed in an attempt to kill his fellow worker Xiao Liu as  instructed by his hallucination, resulting from his practicing  Falun Gong, which instructed him to kill somebody before killing  himself. The next evening, Dong tried again to kill his father  with a kitchen knife, but his father narrowly escaped.  (More)  

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