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Anti-Cult NGO Launched in Central China (2001-03-30)


  CHANGSHA, March 30 (Xinhuanet) -- The Hunan Provincial Anti-Cult  Association, a non-governmental organization (NGO), was  inaugurated Friday in Changsha, the provincial capital.
  Among the association's members are leading scientists,  educators, lawyers, doctors and religious leaders from this  central China province.
  A statement issued at the inaugural ceremony said the spread of cults worldwide has posed a serious threat to human beings and has brought tragedies to numerous families and individuals.
  It specifically condemned Falun Gong for spreading cult and  fallacies, cheating the public and trampling on life,  contemplating the law and destabilizing society.
  The statement called on coordinated actions to save those  cheated innocent followers and crack down on the small group of  diehard cult members to safeguard the dignity of human beings,  protect human rights and maintain public order.
  The inaugural session elected as its president He Jishan,  academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and chairman of  the Hunan Provincial Association for Science and Technology.  Enditem  

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