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Hard Ice Melts in Spring Breeze and Rain (2001-03-29)


"We are wrong, we must cease doing harm to our country!" On the morning of March 12, two crazy "Falun Gong" followers and their families embraced each other weeping in the reception room of the third brigade of the Henan Women Reformatory.

These two "Falun Gong" followers are He Haihua and Wang Juanjuan, wife and daughter of Wang Jindong, the chief organizer and plotter of the immolation incident at Tiananmen Square on January 23. More than a month ago when they learned of the news about Wang Jindong setting himself on fire, they still clung to their obstinate attitude, saying, "He is very great, we are proud of him!".. Now, thanks to the patient and painstaking help from the reformatory staff, they have become aware of their errors and turned back from the wrong path, expressing their feeling of shame and uneasiness.

"Spiritual Control" Makes One Suffer
In 1996, the three-member family of Wang Jindong, He Haihua and Wang Juanjuan began to be infatuated with "Falun Gong". On December 19 last year, they participated in trouble-making at Tiananmen Square in gross violation of laws and decrees, holding a banner bearing the words "the universe Dafa (abhidharma) of truthfulness, benevolence and tolerance". On January 23 this year, Wang Jindong, instigated by Li Hongzhi, participated in the immolation at Tiananmen Square, causing immense harm to his own body and also damaged his originally very happy family.

On February 27, He Haihua and Wang Juanjuan were sent to the Henan Women Reformatory for violating laws and decrees.

He Haihua, after being transformed, said, "During that period of time, I suffered greatly in my heart, but I wanted to let people outside know I was very firm and steadfast, I could not cry though I wanted to."

After He Haihua began practicing "Falun Gong" for feeling physically unwell, she was gradually being deceived by Li Hongzhi and the lies he fabricated, but since she watched the TV program showing the pitiful sight of her husband who set himself ablaze, she had begun to doubt about Li Hongzhi who guided his followers onto the path of death. She recalled the days when she enjoyed the happiness and harmony between her family members who got along with each other day and night, tears ran down her cheek unnoticed many times. But when she thought of Wang Jindong who left behind a slip of paper written with the words "My respected wife, you're really terrific, the Master is on your side, I congratulate you with my palms held together.", He Haihua, with a regretful mind, began to suffer mental torment again.

She, bogged down in a dilemma, kept thinking over these questions: If "Falun Gong" were correct, then why couldn't I answer the persuasive questions put to me by the reformatory staff? Something she was sure to be wrong and wanted to confess her mistake, but she was afraid of "dropping to a lower level". At the same time, her husband was suffering from the pain of ailment She feared that admitting her mistake would bring harm to her husband.

Since she followed her father in practicing "Falun Gong", Wang Juanjuan who knew little about the ways of the world had been pursuing "nirvana" with blind passion and her mind was thus deeply poisoned. She had once been one of the best students in the Japanese language class of Kaifeng University. Turning a deaf ear to persuasions from her teachers, elderly and her boy friend's family, she continued practicing "Falun Gong", and for this she even gave up the opportunity for advanced study in Japan. Indeed, she had abandoned much, and her relatives and friends had also suffered a great deal because of the "Dafa"

On the afternoon of February 27, He Haihua and Wang Juanjuan came to the Henan Women Reformatory. Since the mother and daughter came here, the reformatory staff have tried to find out their main real thoughts through the method of chitchat in order to make their ideological work fruitful.

After dispelling Wang Juanjuan's precautionary psychology, the staff members asked her to contrast Li Hongzhi's "truthfulness, benevolence and tolerance" with his instigation of the practitioners to create disturbances at Tiananmen Square and think over the question whether a "good man" would disrupt social security. These incisive remarks enabled Wang Juanjuan to see the light. That same night she wrote, "Through our talks, I was overcome by their sensible way of thinking, I've come to realize that "Falun Gong" is a heresy." Wang Juanjuan has made up her mind to break with Li Hongzhi and his "Falun Gong" cult.

Using Sentiment to Shift One's Affection from "Turing Falun (the Wheel of the Law)"
The reformatory staff told He Haihua the news about the conversion of Wang Juanjuan, she was rather dubious of this, but she expressed her wish to meet with her daughter. Using sentiment, the staff arranged a meeting between mother and daughter. Wang Juanjuan, who had been ideologically converted began to help her mother to untie her ideological knot. After returning from her daughter's lodging place, He Haihua was greatly touched. She made a clean breast of her mind, saying, "My husband set fire on himself, my daughter and I are put in the reformatory, what a great contribution we've made to 'Falun Gong!', some of our fellow practitioners regard my husband as a monster. I feel I sustain great pressure in my heart. Hearing these, the staff asked her, "What kind of Dafa you are protecting?". In the light of her family condition, the staff persuaded He Haihua to make an early transformation of herself, so that she could go to save Wang Jindong. He indicated that she had understood this truth, but in feeling she could not accept this all of a sudden.

In the evening, He Haihua and other former fellow practitioners sat together to watch TV program that exposes and criticizes the "Falun Gong" cult, the tragic figure of her husband pricked her heart. She said as she recalled, that night I simply could not fall into sleep till the wee hour of two o'clock, "my heart is bleeding".

On March 1, seeing that He Haihua had somewhat changed her attitude, the reformatory staff decided to transfer He to the third brigade where Wang Juanjuan was in. That same day, the reformatory organized all the personnel serving reform-through-education to watch video tapes, such as "Li Hongzhi the Man and His Deeds", "The Truth about April 25", "Falun Gong Harming People and Killing Their Lives", as well as CCTV programs. Through watching TV programs and studies, He Haihua had taken a gratifying step forward. That night, she made up her mind to say goodbye to the "Falun Gong" cult. Thereafter, she also persuaded other obsessed "Falun Gong" followers not to go too far in the queer circle of the "Falun Gong" cult, instead they should repent and mend their ways. He asked herself: I had practiced "Falun Gong" for so many years, what had I brought for the country and my family? She thought to herself: I had only myself in my heart, to pursue "Nirvana", I did not care about the death or danger of others, what I had gained in practicing "Falun Gong" was the term "selfishness".She appealed: "Wake up, all obsessed followers, we must cease harming our own country, and must not do anything that sadden our friends and gladden our enemies¡­."

When One Jumps Out of the "Falun Gong" Circle, One Finds the Vastness of the World
He Haihua and Wang Juanjuan who had said goodbye to "Falun Gong" cult felt a sense of relief, now they have renewed their personal experience of their long-forfeited true feeling of the human world.

On March 10 when learning about the conversion of He Haihua and Wang Juanjuan, Wang's boy friend immediately took a long-distance bus to come to the reformatory, the young man's father also asked him to bring 100 yuan for Wang Juanjuan. Unfortunately since it was not visiting time, he could not see her, still, Wang was very glad when she learned about this matter.

On March 12, the reformatory made an exceptional arrangement for the mother and daughter to meet with their relatives-sisters and niece of He Haihua, they had all came. Holding their relatives' hands, they chatted endlessly. Let the bygone be bygone, only after repented and mended their ways that the mother and daughter felt the beauty of love and affection.

Wang Juanjuan said: "In the past I was really too selfish, for the impossible thing of "going to heaven", I did not hesitate to do harms to the country and my relatives. As we have changed, our relatives laugh, people who show concern for us also laugh. It was not until now that I discover that the true feeling in the man's world is most beautiful."

He Haihua said: Members of my family all took to the evil ways, this is because we slacked off in my studies and had a fading awareness of the law. From now on I'll start afresh and earnestly remold myself."

The reformatory staff told the reporters that Wang Juanjuan had brought her Japanese teaching materials to the reformatory, she would study while she was remolding herself there. She was prepared to work herself up to be a person useful to the country. He Haihua also ceaselessly strengthened studying, trying as far as possible to shake herself off, from the depth of her mind, the yoke of "Falun Gong" cult. She would try her best to help more people bogged down in the mire. She also expressed the hope to go to Beijing together with her daughter when opportunity arises, so that she would do ideological work with Wang Jindong in the hope that he would transform himself at an early date.

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