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The Statement by the Spokesman of the Chinese Embassy on the Feb. 7 Press Conference held by"Falun Gong" organization in Ottawa (2001-02-08)

The accusations lodged by “Falun Gong” organization against Chinese consular officers are groundless slander with ulterior motives. It is not at all surprising that they often resort to such kind of low-class tricks of fabricating stories and misleading the public. It becomes more apparent that “Falun Gong” has now degenerated to a tool of anti-China forces. The recent incident of self-burning on the Tiananmen Square has once again demonstrated that “Falun Gong” is an anti-mankind, anti-social and anti-science cult with political purposes, which endangers people’s lives and violates their human rights.

The decision by the Chinese government to ban “Falun Gong” cult according to the law is absolutely necessary and accords to the common wishes of all the Chinese people, thus has won extensive understanding and support both at home and abroad. It is our hope that people with insights in Canada should see through the evil nature of “Falun Gong” and do everything possible to crush their scheme to sabotage the hardly-earned China-Canada friendship.

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