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Foreign Ministry Spokesman Liu Jianchao's Comment on the US Government Spokesperson's Response on Chen Shuibian's Announcement of Scrapping the "National Unification Council" and the "Guidelines for National Unification"

Q: The US Government Spokesperson responded on 27th to Chen Shuibian's announcement that the "National Unification Council" (NUC) would cease to function and the "Guidelines for National Unification" would cease to apply. Do you have any comment?

A: On February 27th, Chen Shuibian forced the "National Unification Council" to cease to function and the "Guidelines for National Unification" cease to apply. His provocative actions are an attempt to challenge peace across the Strait, create tensions to cross-strait relations and accelerate "Taiwan Independence de jure". Chen Shuibian's perverse actions have been strongly condemned by Chinese compatriots across the strait and the international community. Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council issued a statement, noting the solemn position of the Chinese Government.

We have taken note that the US Government Spokesperson reiterated that the US would stick to the One China Policy and does not support Taiwan independence. In the meantime, we urge the US to fully realize the gravity and danger of the splitting activities of Chen Shuibian and strictly abide by its commitment to China on the Taiwan issue. The US should take concrete actions to oppose his splitting activities, refrain from sending any wrong signals to the separatists and make concerted efforts with China to maintain a sound China-US relationship as well as peace and stability across the strait.

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