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Foreign Ministry Spokesman Qin Gang's Press Conference on 29 December 2005

On the afternoon of December 29, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Qin Gang held a regular press conference.

Qin: Good afternoon, everyone. I'm ready to take up your questions now.

Q: Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi promised to resign next September. Will it affect the Sino-Japanese relations? How will China improve its relations with such Latin American countries as Paraguay, with which it does not have diplomatic relations?

A: China has consistently stood for developing long-term good-neighborly relations and friendly cooperation with Japan in the spirit of "take history as a mirror, look into the future" and on the basis of the three political documents between China and Japan. We hope that no matter which party or person comes into power, Sino-Japanese relations could be steadily improved and developed all the same, under the guarantee of the three political documents and the spirit of "take history as a mirror, look into the future". We haven't changed our position, policy and proposition on the development of the Sino-Japanese relations and other issues in our bilateral relations.

China does not yet have diplomatic relations with Paraguay and some other countries in Latin America. This is not what it should be. China is ready to develop friendly relations and cooperation with all the countries in the world, including Paraguay, on the basis of the five principles of peaceful co-existence. It serves not only the interest of China, but also that of the countries concerned and the peace, stability and development of the region and the world at large. We hope to develop normal exchanges with these countries in line with the one China principle.

Q: According to the Xinhua News Agency, the Sino-Japanese relations are "politically cold and economically lukewarm". How does China comment on the bilateral relations? What measures will China take to offset the negative economic impact of the China-Japan political relations?

A: The Sino-Japanese relations are very important bilateral relations. China and Japan are important neighbors to each other. But in recent years, the bilateral relations have been confronted with severe hardships. The reason of the solemn situation is very clear to us all. The responsibility is not on the Chinese side. We will develop with Japan friendly exchanges and cooperation in politics, economy, culture, people-to-people contact and other fields on the basis of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit in the spirit of take history as a mirror and be oriented towards the future. We should doubly cherish the arduous efforts of the leaders of our elder generations, go all out consolidating the foundation of China-Japan relations, and strive for greater progress in exchanges and cooperation in economic field and so on. Regarding the Chinese expectation and suggestion on the bilateral ties in the coming year, I have mentioned it already. Our stance, policy and suggestions are as always, and very clear. They remain unchanged.

Q:This is the very last press conference this year. My question is concerning the achievement of China's diplomacy? Chinese leaders had many diplomatic activities this year. In your opinion, what has China's diplomacy accomplished this year?

A: In retrospect, China's diplomacy has been very busy and dynamic this year. China has followed the trend of times to pursue peace, seek development and promote cooperation. China has expanded friendly exchanges with the rest of the world with peace, development and cooperation as the central task. Thus the rest of the world can better understand China, foreign policy of peace, our position and proposition on major international and regional issues and the road of peaceful development we pursued. Chinese leaders paid many visits to other countries and regions and participated in quite a number of multilateral activities this year. On the whole, we made more friends, promoted mutual understanding and expanded cooperation. Our diplomacy resolutely defends the sovereignty, dignity and integrity of China and presses ahead with the reunification of our motherland. Meanwhile, in the spirit of diplomacy for the interest of people, Chinese diplomatic staffs, at home and abroad, do their best to protect the legitimate rights overseas Chinese citizens and legal persons. They have won the understanding, support and commendations from Chinese citizens within and outside China.

In a word, Chinese diplomacy contributes to both the domestic development and peace and common development of the world.

Q: Will you brief us on the stance of China on the sanction by the United States on the Chinese companies?

A: I answered your question yesterday. China takes a very solemn, serious and responsible attitude towards the non-proliferation issue. We have adopted a number of effective measures to strengthen export control. The U.S. government imposes sanction on Chinese companies by its domestic law without presenting any ground. The measures above mentioned are not in favor of the bilateral non-proliferation cooperation. We express our strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition to this. We require the U.S. side to correct wrong practice.

If there is no other question, I would like to add some information. One journalist inquired that WHO officials wanted China to share with the international organizations strings of virus of bird flu cases last Tuesday. I answered without principle then. After the conference I learned more from the relevant department, and would like to offer you further information.

The Health Ministry has granted the request of the WHO office in China on sharing virus-strains of human/bird flu cases. The Chinese Center for Disease Prevention and Control has already provided the virus sample to WHO. This reflected to the full extent Chinese sincerity and resolve to strengthen cooperation with the international community.

At last, I have a notice: It will be holiday from January 1st to 3rd, 2006. The regular press conference on January 3rd will be cancelled. During the holiday, the Spokespersons' Office will still be accessible via mobile phone. On behalf of my colleagues, the other two spokesmen Kong Quan and Liu Jiangchao and in my own name, I wish you a happy New Year and career success, good health and every happiness for your family!

Thank you for your presence! See you!

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