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Spokesperson's Statements on Policy Focus on China Released by the US Commission on the International Religious Freedom

In order to strengthen mutual understanding between religious communities of China and the US, State Administration for Religious Affairs of China invited the delegation of the US Commission on International Religious Freedom to visit China for two weeks this August. During their stay in China, the Chinese side arranged for them series of meetings and visits according to the agreed schedule. Before they left, the delegation expressed their satisfaction for this visit and China's arrangement.

However, in its Policy Focus on China released the other day, this Commission surprisingly ignored facts, groundlessly attacked and libeled on China's situation of religion and its religious policy. China expresses its strong indignation and resolute opposition. What the US side did is not conductive to religious exchanges between the two sides.

The Chinese Government protects citizens' freedom of religious belief in accordance with law and Chinese citizens have the freedom of religious belief according to law, which is a fact witnessed by all.

We urge the US commission on International Religious Freedom to respect the facts, adopt new ways and refrain from using religion to interfere with China's domestic affairs and do more to contribute to the Sino-US relations.

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