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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Kong Quan's Response to the Question on the Annual Report of the United States Congressional-Executive Commission on China

Q: Recently the United States Congressional-Executive Commission on China released an annual report. What is your comment on this?

A: The annual report of the so called United States Congressional-Executive Commission on China turned a blind eye to China's achievements in human rights protection and legislation, distorting facts and continued to attack China on the issues of human rights, religion, Tibet, Xinjiang, Hong Kong and women's rights.


Great changes have been witnessed over the past 56 years since the founding of People's Republic of China, especially since the adoption of reform and opening-up policy. China has maintained sustained, rapid and healthy economic development and people of all ethnic groups enjoyed their full legal rights and basic freedoms. Hong Kong continues to enjoy stability and prosperity with the full implementation of the policy of "one country, two systems", "high degree of autonomy", "Hong Kong People administering Hong Kong". China is now enjoying rapid developments in all fields and this is obvious to all.


 We urge the US Congress and relevant authorities focus more on the affairs of their own country and contribute more to mutual understanding and cooperation between China and the United States instead of doing the opposite. US should stop the wrong actions of interfering in China's internal affairs and take effective measures to eliminate the negative impact of the report.

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