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Foreign Ministry Spokesman Kong Quan's Comment on Japanese Foreign Minister Machimura's Remark on Yasukuni Shrine and the History Textbook Issue

Q: It is reported that Japanese Foreign Minister Machimura recently said "Japan,China and the Republic of Korea should strive to establish good relations after acknowledging and overcoming their differences over the Yasukuni Shrine" and"Japan does not have any history textbooks glorifying militarism". He also said that China and the ROK hadn't pointed out particularly what is wrong with the rightist textbook. What comment does the Chinese side have?

A: If the Japanese side doesn't face up to and solve its own problems on the history issue and continue to take an antagonist attitude against the just concern of the peoples in the victimized countries, it will be difficult to remove obstacles in the relations between Japan and its close neighbors. And by no means will this do any good to Japan itself.

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