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Spokesperson's Comment on Japanese Senior Officials' Plea for the Japanese War Criminals

        Q: On May 26th and 27th , Masahiro Morioka, Parliamentary Secretary for Health, Labor and Welfare, and Kyuma Fumio, Chairman of the Policy Research Council of Liberal Democratic Party, released statements in succession that openly denied the verdicts by the Far-East International Military Tribunal and pleaed for the Japanese Class-A war criminals in World War II . What's your comment?


        A: The ridiculous remarks made by Japanese senior officials are obvious provocation to international justice and human conscience and seriously hurt the feelings of all the people that have suffered grave tragedy caused by Japanese militarism's savage aggression during World War II. The Chinese government and people are strongly indignant at their remarks and express severe condemnation.


        The Class-A war criminals, headed by Hideki Tojo, whose hands were stained with the blood of people in Asia and other parts of the world, have committed monstrous crimes to world peace and humanity. They are criminals in history. The verdicts by the International Military Tribunal for the FarEast constitute a important part of the post-war international political basis. Any attempt to overthrow the verdicts will not succeed.


        It must be pointed out that the absurd remarks made by Japanese politicians are not isolated or incidental. People cannot but raise the question whether Japan can play a responsible role in the international community? We strongly require the Japanese side takes concrete actions to honor its commitment to remorse on its history of aggression so that it can really win trust from the international community, especially the people of neighboring Asian nations.

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