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Foreign Ministry Spokesman Kong Quan's Comment on Japanese Foreign Minister's Remarks Related to Taiwan

Q: When talking about including the Taiwan question into the so-called Japan-US common strategic target in New York, Japanese Foreign Minister Nobutaka Machimura said that this should not be taken as an extension of Japan's defense line to Taiwan because Taiwan had already been an object of the Japan-US Security Treaty, and it was by no means inconsistent with Japan's Taiwan policy so far. What's the comment of the Chinese side?


A: We are shocked at such remarks by Japanese Foreign Minister that interfere in China's internal affairs. China has made solemn representations with the Japanese side and lodged its strong protest.


The Taiwan question is China's internal affair that concerns China's core interests. Including Taiwan directly or indirectly into Japan-US security cooperation, an action that challenges China's core interests, is dangerous. The Chinese Government and people are firmly opposed to such action and will not accept it.


During the recent meeting in Jakarta, Chinese and Japanese leaders reached a number of important consensuses on improving China-Japan relations. Such remarks by the Japanese side seriously contravened not only Japan's commitments on the Taiwan question, but also the spirit of the meeting between leaders of the two countries. We strongly urge the Japanese Government to strictly honor its commitments, and stop any action that interferes in China's internal affairs.

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