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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang's Remarks on Japan Granting Its Enterprises Right to Oil and Gas Test-drilling in the East China Sea

Q: It is reported that the Japanese Government decided to handle applications of the enterprises the right to oil and gas test-drilling in the waters east to the ''median line'' of the East China Sea. What comment does China have on that?

A: China and Japan have disputes on the delimitation of the continental shelf of the East China Sea. The Chinese side has consistently stood for a solution through diplomatic negotiations. In defiance of China's legitimate proposition, the Japanese side attempts to impose its unilaterally claimed ''median line'' on China. The Chinese side has never accepted and will not accept it. Japan's action constitutes a severe provocation to the interests of China as well as the norms governing international relations. China has lodged a protest to the Japanese side, and reserves the right for further reaction.

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