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Foreign Ministry Spokesman Qin Gang Takes Question from the Press

Q: How do you view the anti-Japan demonstrations in Beijing on April 9? Were they supported by the Chinese government? Did they get approval from the government? How were those who besieged the Japanese embassy and restaurants dealt with? What measures has China taken to ensure the safety of Japanese citizens and institutes in China?

Qin Gang said, dissatisfied with the recent wrong attitudes and actions of the Japanese side on issues concerning its history of militarist aggression, some people in Beijing gathered spontaneously to protest and demonstrate. The Chinese government has required the demonstrators to remain calm and rational, express their opinions in a lawful and orderly way and refrain from excessive actions. The relevant authorities have done a great deal in this regard and mobilized a huge police force to maintain order and avoid the worsening of the situation, so as to ensure the safety of Japanese citizens and organizations in China. Chinese Foreign Ministry has informed the Japanese embassy in China of the situation.

He said, recently in China, many people have voiced their views through various channels on issues concerning Sino-Japanese relations. The Chinese government has attached great importance to that and the international community has a clear understanding of it, too. The Chinese government will, as always, proceed from the maintenance of world peace, the pursuit of common development and the overall picture of developing Sino-Japanese relations, and properly handle the relevant issues with an attitude responsible for our country and nation.

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