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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Liu Jianchao's Remarks on Japanese New Textbook

Q: It's reported that in Japanese new textbook, which is under deliberation now, Japan blame the happening of the 'September 18th Incident', 'July 7th Incident' on China. What comment does China have on that?

A: The essence of the textbook issue is whether the Japanese can take squarely and correctly address their history of aggression. We have reiterated our solemn position to the Japanese side through diplomatic channels, demanding Japanese Government take very seriously the calls for justice from its Asian neighbors, adopt a responsible attitude toward history, honor relevant commitments, and properly address this issue.

Q: It's reported that some ROK MPs disclosed that the ROK is to hold an international conference on the issue of Japanese textbook. Will China send representatives to attend the conference? Will China cooperate with other Asian countries to take joint action against Japan on the issue of Japanese textbook?

A: We strongly urge the Japanese side to take very seriously and carefully address the highly concern of peoples of its Asian neighbors, instead of doing anything harmful to the sentiments of peoples of victim countries.

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