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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Liu Jianchao's Remarks on the Japanese Court Rejecting the Appeal of Chinese "Comfort Women"

Q: Recently, Japan's Tokyo High Court rejected the appeal of Chinese "comfort women" on the ground of "Japan-China Treaty" signed in 1952 between Japan and the Taiwan Authority. What comment does the Chinese side have?

A: The so-called "Japan-China Treaty" was essentially illegal and invalid, which has been abolished with the normalization of China -Japan diplomatic relations. The Tokyo High Court's citing and ruling according to the "Japan-China Treaty" in hearing the case of "comfort women" is a rude violation of the norms governing the international relations. The Chinese side has expressed strong dissatisfaction over the issue to the Japanese side. We urge the Japanese leaders and its judicial departments to strictly abide by China-Japan Joint Communiqué and take concrete actions to fulfill its international commitment on the Taiwan question.

Sex slavery is one of the serious crimes the Japanese militarists committed during the World War II. The Japanese Government should shoulder their due responsibility with an honest attitude and handle the issue properly and sincerely.

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