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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Liu Jianchao's Remarks on the US Resolution on China's Anti-Secession Law

Q: The US House of Representatives passed a resolution on China's Anti-secession Law. What comment does the Chinese side have ?

A: The so-called resolution adopted by the US House of Representatives makes a groundless criticism and unreasonable accusation against China's Anti-secession Law. This has violated the fundamental principles of the three China-US joint Communiqués and international relations and constituted a gross interference in China's internal affairs. China expresses strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition over this issue and has lodged solemn representations to the US side.

The Anti-Secession Law has fully expressed the Chinese people's consistent position of doing the utmost with the maximum sincerity for peaceful reunification and their firm resolve that they never allow the "Taiwan Independence" forces to separate Taiwan from China in any name or by any means. It is a law aimed at peaceful reunification rather than "a war bill against Taiwan", even less is it "an order of war mobilization". The law was adopted by China's National People's Congress by an overwhelming majority and gained general understanding and support from the international community. This has fully demonstrated the law is an act of justice which reflects the people's will and aspiration and conforms to the current world trend. It will be conducive to opposing and containing "Taiwan Independence", maintaining stability and development across the Taiwan Straits and safeguarding peace, stability and prosperity across Taiwan Straits and the Asia-Pacific region at large. It will also be helpfule to the stable development of China-US relations.

The American Government should take concrete actions to fulfill its commitment of sticking to one-China policy, abiding by the three China-US joint Communiqués, and opposing "Taiwan Independence". It should explicitly voice opposition to the above-mentioned resolution, immediately take effective measures to check and eliminate its vicious impact and work with the Chinese side to oppose and contain "Taiwan Independence", so as to maintain the peace across the Taiwan Straits as well as the stable development of China-US relations.

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