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Foreign Ministry Spokesman Liu Jianchao's Comment on the Development of the Six-Party Talks

Q: How does the Chinese side comment on development of the Six-Party Talks this year? Why hasn't the fourth round of the Six-Party Talks been held up to now? How does Chinese side predict the prospect of the Six Party Talks?

A: The year of 2004 has witnessed the steady deepening of the Six-Party Talks amid twists and turns. We have held two rounds of Six-Party Talks and two working group meetings, initiated discussions over substantive issues and further confirmed the goal of a nuclear free Korean Peninsula. We have also reaffirmed the commitments to a solution through peaceful dialogue, agreed to take coordinated steps and follow the principle of "quid pro quo in word and deed" to resolve the nuclear issue and address other concerns. All parties concerned have also set forth plans and proposals for the solution and agreed in principle to take the first step as soon as possible to achieve the goal of denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

There are both political and external reasons for the failure of opening the fourth round of Six-Party Talks so far. But all parties concerned have expressed their support for the Six-Party Talks, and the foundation and conditions for continuing the Six-Party Talks still exist. As to when to hold the new round of Six-Party Talks, it requires all parties concerned to continue displaying their patience, sincerity and flexibility. The Chinese side will continue to make unremitting efforts to move forward the process of Six-Party Talks.

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