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Foreign Ministry Spokesman Liu Jianchao's Statement on Lee Teng-hui's "Visit" to Japan

China is strongly dissatisfied with the Japanese Government's wrong decision of permitting Lee Teng-hui's trip to the country regardless of the repeated solemn representations and firm opposition by the Chinese side. The Chinese Foreign Ministry has lodged a strong protest to the Japanese Government over the issue.

Lee Teng-hui is the chief representative of the radical force for "Taiwan's independence" on the Taiwan Island and is an out-and-out troublemaker in the international arena.

The Japanese Government is conniving with and supporting the "Taiwan independence" force and has sent another wrong signal to the "Taiwan independence" force by permitting Lee's entry into Japan. This has undermined the political foundation of China-Japan relations.

China solemnly requires the Japanese side to value the overall situation of China-Japan relations, and take effective measures to remove the vile impact of the issue. China will closely follow the development of the situation and reserve the right to take further actions.

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