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Foreign Ministry Spokesman Liu Jianchao's Comment on the Hearing Held by the US Congress Criticizing China's Family Planning Policy and Human Rights Conditions

Q: Recently, some US congressmen at the Committee on International Relations of the House of Representitives held a hearing on China's Family Planning Policy, at which relevant officials of the US Department of State criticized the policy and China's human rights conditions. What's your comment?

A: Disregarding China's great achievements in family planning and human rights protection, several congressmen at the Committee on International Relations of the US House of Representitives launched groundless attacks at China by exploiting such so-called issues as human rights, population, Falungong, or anti-terrorism. We are firmly opposed to such completely unreasonable attack, and have made solemn representation thereupon to the US side.

The Chinese Government is committed to promoting and safeguarding the human rights and the basic freedoms of the Chinese people of all ethnic groups, who enjoy various rights to an increasingly higher level. The Family Planning Policy is China's basic state policy, conforming to China's national reality. It is exactly for the purpose of protecting people's basic human rights that the Chinese Government carries out the Family Planning Policy and combats terrorism and the Falungong Cult in accordance with law. Our practices have won broad support among the Chinese people.

We suggest the US side think more on how to improve its own human rights record rather than keeping intervening in the domestic affairs of other countries with the excuse of human rights.

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