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Foreign Ministry Spokesman Liu Jianchao's Comment on the Incident of Two Chinese Fishermen Shot on the Sea by Guinea

Q: Two Chinese fishermen were shot on the sea by Guinea. Please brief us on the details and the measures taken by the Foreign Ministry.

A: On the morning of December 14 local time, when a fishing vessel of the Dalian Changhai Ocean Fishing Company was operating normally on the sea by Guinea, seven local people with three of them in uniform and armed military forced their way aboard and shot down two Chinese fishermen.

After the incident happened, the Chinese Ambassador to Guinea and Director-General of the Department of Consular Affairs of China's Foreign Ministry respectively made emergent appointments with the Guinean Cooperation Minister and the Guinean Ambassador to China, notifying them of the incident and made solemn representations to the Guinean side. China strongly condemned such a banditry act and hoped the Guinean Government to attach great importance to the incident, find out the truth as soon as possible and seriously punish the murderers. Meanwhile, the Chinese Government required the Guinean side to take effective measures to guarantee the safety of the lives and properties of the Chinese fishermen there, so as to avoid similar incidents. The Guinean side said that it would start an immediate investigation on the incident and inform the Chinese side of the progress in due course.

Currently, the Chinese Embassy in Guinea has sent officials to the vessel to look into the incident and comfort the fishmen. The bodies are under proper care, and the follow-up issues are being handled.

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