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Foreign Ministry Spokesman Liu Jianchao's Comment on Japan's Permission to Lee Teng-hui's Visit

Q: It is reported that the Japanese Government has decided to permit Lee Teng-hui to visit Nagoya and Kyoto with his family for sightseeing, and Japan has notified the Chinese side on this. What's China's comment on this issue?

A: Lee Teng-hui is the top representative of the drastic "Taiwan independence". He racked his brains to find his way to Japan, just in order to seek his backing there and create favorable external conditions for the pro-"independence" and splittist activities in Taiwan. Regardless of China-Japan relations, the Japanese Government gave a green light to Li's visit. It constitutes a connivance at and support for the splittist activities of the pro-"independence" forces in Taiwan, thus making a provocation at the great cause of China's peaceful reunification. The Chinese Government has made solemn representations to the Japanese side through the diplomatic channel, strongly requiring the Japanese Government to immediately annul its permission for Li's activities in Japan.

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