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Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Zhang Qiyue's Response to US Senate's Resolution Calling for the Release of "Tibetan Political Prisoners"

Q: It is reported that the US Senate recently adopted without a vote a resolution submitted by a few anti-China senators last May, calling for the release of Tenzin Deleg and other "Tibetan political prisoners". What comment does China have on this?

A: According to what we learned from China's judicial authorities, Tenzin Deleg, alias Angag Tashi, was by no means a "Tibetan political prisoner". Instead, as the principal criminal of the "Chengdu Tianfu Square explosion case" in 2002, he was sentenced to death with a two-year reprieve on the charges of explosion and sedition. The Chinese judicial organ meted out his penalty completely in accordance with law.

The US Senate resolution, which was submitted by a handful of senators, publicly voiced their grievances for criminals and made irresponsible remarks on the penalty for criminals by the Chinese judicial organs according to law. This is totally groundless and a distortion of truth.

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