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Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Zhang Qiyue's Remarks on the Outcome of American Presidential Election and the Impact on China-US relations

Q: What's the comment of the Chinese side on the outcome of American presidential election? How will the outcome impact on China-US relations?


A: On November 3, the outcome of American presidential election turned out. President Bush and Vice President Cheney are respectively reelected as American president and vice president. China's President Hu Jintao and Vice President Zeng Qinghong have respectively sent congratulatory messages to Bush and Cheney.


In the past four years, with concerted efforts of both sides, China and the US have registered progress in their constructive and cooperative relations. We are ready to work with the US to enhance exchanges and cooperation, properly address each other's concern and promote further development of constructive and cooperative relations, so as to better benefit the peoples of both countries and the world at large.

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