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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhang Qiyue's Remarks on the Death of UAE President Shaikh Zayid

Q: It is reported that the UAE president Zayid passed away. What comment does China have on this? Has the Chinese leader sent telegraph of congratulations to the new UAE leader?

A: On November 2, President of the United Arab Emirates Zayid passed away. Upon hearing the sad news, Chinese President Hu Jintao immediately sent telegraphs of condolences to Vice President and Prime Minister Maktum, who was the acting president as that time, and Sheikh Khalifa of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, to express his grave sorrow over the death of President Zayid and sincere solicitude for the UAE people, especially the family members of President Zayid. On the same day, State Councilor Tang Jiaxuan went to offer his condolences at the UAE embassy in China. Chinese Ambassador to the UAE also attended the funeral of President Zayid on behalf of the Chinese Government. On the 5th of this month, Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing, Special Envoy of the Chinese Government, will go to the UAE to express condolences to the UAE side and congratulations on the inauguration of the new president.

President Zayid is an outstanding leader of the UAE and enjoys high prestige both at home and abroad. He attached importance to developing UAE's relations with China and visited China in 1990. His death is not only a loss to the UAE people, but also a loss of a close friend to the Chinese people.

On the 3rd, Sheikh Khalifa of Abu Dhabi assumed the presidency of UAE, and President Hu has sent him a telegraph of congratulations.

China values its friendly relations and cooperation with the UAE and believes that the new UAE leader will carry forward his unfulfilled cause. China is ready to work together with the UAE to forge ahead with China-UAE friendly relations and cooperation.

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