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Foreign Ministry Spokesman Kong Quan's Statement on the General Committee of the UN General Assembly Rejecting Again the Draft Resolution on Taiwan's "Participation" in the UN

On the early morning of September 16 Beijing Time, the General Assembly of the 59th Session of the UN General Assembly refused to include the draft resolution on Taiwan's "Participation" into the agenda of the UN General Assembly. Since 1993, the Taiwan authorities have been annually instigating a handful of countries to submit such draft resolutions to the UN General Assembly, only to end up in failure each time.

Facts have illustrated that Taiwan, as a part of China, is not at all eligible for the membership of the UN, which is composed of sovereign countries. The broad UN members will by no means support any move that violates the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, contravenes the Resolution 2758 of the UN General Assembly and challenges the one China principle recognized by the international community. The 1.3 billion Chinese people, including the Taiwan compatriots, will never accept such a move.

The Taiwan authorities should stop such political maneuvers and return to the principle of one China.

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