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Foreign Ministry Spokesman Kong Quan's Statement on Some Japanese Cabinet Members Paying Homage to the Yasukuni Shrine

Q: It is reported that some Japanese cabinet members and congressmen paid homage to the Yasukuni Shrine today. What comment do you have on this?

A: Our position on the question of the Yasukuni Shrine has been consistent. We express our deep regret over the negative moves taken by a few Japanese political figures.

To understand and treat history correctly and to adhere to the principle of "take history as a mirror and to face towards the future" will benefit the healthy and steady development of China-Japan good-neighborly friendship, help Japan to win trust from neighboring Asian countries and the international community and serve the long-term interests of the Japanese people. We hope that the Japanese side would honor in deed their commitment to face up to history and express remorse for history, refraining from any further moves that hurt the feelings of the people in China and other victimized countries.

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