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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Liu Jianchao's Comment on Newly discovered Chemical Weapons Abandoned by Japanese Troops

        Q: Chemical weapons abandoned by the Japanese troops were discovered in Qiqihaer again. Has the Chinese side made representations to the Japanese side?

        A: On 23 and 24 May, chemical weapons left over by the Japanese troops that invaded China were again discovered in Qiqihaer, Heilongjiang Province. The local government took quick measures under the guide of the relevant departments, so casualties have been avoided. Appropriate measures have been taken on the spot. The Chinese side has made diplomatic representations to the Japanese side. Japanese experts admitted on 31 May that the iron barrel and shell discovered by the Chinese side were chemical weapons abandoned by Japan.

        We have asked the Japanese side to send personnel to China as soon as possible to clear the scene and seal the chemical weapons. In the meantime, we have strongly urged the Japanese Government to take practical measures to accelerate the destruction process.

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