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Premier Wen Jiabao Visits A Hospital and A Middle School in Brazzaville

On the morning of June 20, 2006, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council who was on an official visit to the Republic of the Congo visited a hospital and a middle school in Brazzaville.

Wen first of all visited a hospital in Brazzaville. Since the establishment of the hospital the Chinese medical team has been working there. Wen listened to the working report of the head of the hospital and the chief of the Chinese medical team and then visited the patients in the wards.

Wen expressed condolence to the members of the Chinese medical team, saying that far away from their families the members have traveled afar to the African continent, overcome numerous difficulties, made selfless dedication and carried forward the humanitarian spirit of healing the wounded and rescuing the dying. Their exquisite medical skills and lofty moral are highly recognized by the locals and build the bridge of friendship between the Chinese and Congolese people. They have made great contributions to the friendly and cooperative relations between China and the Republic of Congo and won credit for China. They are not only the angles in white but also the friendly ambassadors spreading China-Africa friendship and promoting China-Africa cooperation.

Wen stressed that the Chinese government attaches great importance to the medical cooperation with the Republic of the Congo. As a support for the efforts of the people of the Republic of the Congo to prevent and treat malaria, the Chinese government will donate anti-malaria drugs worth RMB2 million to the government of the Republic of the Congo and continue to send medical team to the country.

When visiting a middle school in Brazzaville, Wen was warmly welcomed by all the faculties and students who extended greetings to him in Chinese. Wen walked in the classroom and talked with the students cordially. He then stepped on the platform, wrote down a famous Chinese saying which means "A bosom friend afar brings a distant land near" and explained it carefully to the students.

Wen noted that the educational cooperation between China and the Republic of the Congo is very dynamic and each year more than 30 students from the Republic of the Congo study in China. There was once Chinese teacher working in this local middle school. The Chinese government is willing to continue strengthening the educational exchanges and cooperation with the Republic of the Congo. To support its educational, China will build a countryside school for the Republic of the Congo.

Wen said that language is the link of friendship. He expressed hope that the students learn Chinese well and become the pillars of the society serving their country and people and the bridge of mutual understanding and friendship between the Chinese and the Congolese people.

During his visit, Wen also presented computers, books and other study facilities to the school.

The middle school was established 1951. From 1990 it opened Chinese language course in the three senior high school grades. In the semester year 2005-2006 there are altogether 158 students studying Chinese.

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