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The Situation in East Timor Gets Tense and the Chinese Government Will Dispatch Two Special Planes to Withdraw Overseas Chinese

East Timor started to experience a new wave of turbulence at the end of April. From May 25, the situation in East Timor got worse and caused casualties. There were around 500 Chinese citizens there, among whom 200 have withdrawn. Up to now, there is no Chinese citizen found dead or injured in the riot.

The Chinese government has been keeping a close eye on the situation in East Timor and is greatly concerned of the safety of the Chinese citizens there. On April 25, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China warned Chinese citizens not to go to East Timor for the time being. On May 25, the Chinese foreign ministry once again in the website warned the Chinese citizens in East Timor to pay attention to their personal safety, be prepared for an emergent situation, and keep in contact with the Chinese Embassy in East Timor. As the situation worsened there, the foreign ministry instructed the Chinese embassy in East Timor and other related Chinese embassies to make preparations for the withdrawal of Chinese citizens. As of May 27, the Chinese embassy have received nearly 200 Chinese citizens and provided them with tents, foods, water, drugs and other daily necessities.

The Chinese government will dispatch two special planes to East Timor to withdraw the suffering Chinese citizens on the 29th of May. The working group of the Chinese embassy will also be on aboard.

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