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Assistant Foreign Minister lv Guozeng Meets with Heads of International Departments of Foreign Ministries of Five Permanent Members of United Nations Security Council Together

On April 12, 2005, Assistant Foreign Minister Lv Guozeng met together with Director-General of the Department of International Cooperation and Development, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France, Pattison, Director-General of the International Security Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of U.K, Kim Holmes, Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs of the U.S. and Deputy Director-General of the International Organization Bureau of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, who came to Beijing for consultations by heads of the international departments of foreign ministries of five permanent members of United Nations Security Council, exchanging views on the reform of the United Nations.

Lv Guozeng stressed that U.N plays an irreplaceable role in the international affairs. Strengthening the cooperation among five permanent members of Security Council in major international and regional issues is conducive to maintaining the authority of the Security Council and bringing U.N into play.

The officials from France, U.K, U.S and Russia expressed that the four countries will strengthen the ability of the U.N. to deal with threats and challenges. The five permanent members should make joint efforts to safeguard the international peace and security.

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