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Wu Bangguo and Jia Qinglin Meet with the Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of Ukraine

On April 11, 2005, Wu Bangguo, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC) and Jia Qinglin, Chairman of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) met respectively with Vladimir Litvin, Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of Ukraine at the Great Hall of the People. Wu Bangguo said that since the establishment of diplomatic ties, the relationship between China and Ukraine has been developing in a steady and healthy manner, with frequent high-level exchanges and consolidated mutual trust in politics, sound operation of five cooperation mechanisms in the field economy and trade, science and technology, military technologies, aerospace and culture and the expanded cooperation scale. The two countries support each other in major issues of common concern and cooperate closely in international affairs. The Chinese side is satisfied with the achievements of bilateral ties. Wu also pointed out that China and Ukraine are highly complementary in economic terms and China is willing to work together with Ukraine to promote the pragmatic cooperation in the fields of economy and trade, advance the mutually beneficial cooperation between enterprises, especially large enterprises and raise bilateral ties to a new level.

Wu Bangguo thanked Ukraine for its consistent support to China's stance on the issues of Taiwan, Tibet and human rights. He said that the NPC of China is willing to carry out multi-tiered friendly exchanges with the Supreme Soviet of Ukraine through various channels, strengthen mutual understanding and push forward the friendly relations between China and Ukraine.

Litvin said that developing Ukraine-China relations is in the fundamental interests of the two countries and peoples. The Supreme Soviet of Ukraine is willing to consolidate exchanges and cooperation with the NPC of China and actively promote the establishment of bilateral cooperation mechanisms. Litvin expressed understanding and supports to China for enacting the Anti-Secession Law.

Wu Bangguo and Litvin were also present at the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement between the General Office of the Standing Committee of the NPC and the General Office of the Supreme Soviet of Ukraine. Jia Qinglin said that China and Ukraine enjoy a long lasting traditional friendship. Since the establishment of diplomatic ties 13 years ago, the cooperation between the two countries has maintained a positive momentum of growth. China and Ukraine attach great importance to developing bilateral relations and strengthening mutually beneficial cooperation in every field. The two countries support each other on major issues concerning national independence and territorial integrity. This is the major reason for the smooth growth of bilateral ties. China is willing to make joint efforts with Ukraine to push the friendly cooperation between China and Ukraine to a new level. Jia Qinglin extended gratitude and appreciation to Litvin for Ukraine's position on the Taiwan issue.

Jia Qinglin noted that the CPPCC and the Supreme Soviet of Ukraine maintain close contacts. CPPCC is willing to carry out friendly interactions with the Ukrainian side, strengthen exchanges and cooperation and contribute to promoting bilateral relationship and the friendship between the two peoples. Litvin said that Ukraine gives priority to developing relations with China and it is his hope that the cooperation between the two sides could continue to develop and deepen and that the two countries could further their cooperation in international organizations. He stressed that on the Taiwan issue Ukraine adheres to the one-China stance, understands and supports the "one country two systems" principle. The Ukrainian side will refrain from any official contacts or cooperation with Taiwan.

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