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Tips for Chinese Visas (updated)


Visa Section 
Embassy of the P.R.China
40 Ailesbury Road 

Office Hours: 09:00-12:00   Monday to Thursday (except Irish & Chinese public holidays)
*Query time: 15:00-17:00, Monday to Friday; the enquiry hot line 01-2196787, 2691709, available for 24 hours.
Tel:   01-2691707,2601119
Fax:   01-2839938

To apply for any type of Chinese visa, the following is required:

One completed visa application form, one recent passport sized photograph, an original passport valid up to at least six-months with blank pages. you can download the form from our website: ie.china-embassy.org


More documents are required for the following specific visa:


For the purpose of holiday, tourism or to visit relatives, single or double Tourist visa is required which is normally valid for 3 months from the date of issue. The travel information such as the flight ticket, hotel booking or itinerary is required.  


For travel to Tibet, please contact the Tourist Bureau of Tibet (E-mail: ttour@public.ls.xz.cn Tel: 86-891-6834315 Fax: 86-891-6820410) for official approval before applying for a Chinese visa.


For the purpose to do business or attend a meeting or conference, single, double or multiple entries are available. Validity of the multi-entry visa varies, namely half a year  / one year / two years . An invitation letter or fax from a Chinese Government department or government-authorised company is required.


To Work in China, a work visa is required. You should provide an employment permit from the Ministry of Labour or the State Bureau of Foreign Experts of China together with an invitation letter from the company authorized by the Chinese Government and a physical examination record.


For Study in China, a student visa is required. You should provide JW-201 or JW-202 form issued by the Ministry of Education of China, a letter of admission from a Chinese University / College and a physical examination record.


To Transit from China, a valid visa for the country of destination is required. Irish passport holders don't need visa when transit from China within 24-hours without leaving the airport.


Group visa

A tourist group should comprise at least 6 members. We require:

--A confirmation letter or fax from the authorized Chinese travel agency or tourist bureau;

--A name list of the group in triplicate and a front sheet covering the information about the group.

---the actual passports of all group members.


Visa collection

It takes 5 working days for a visa is to be ready for collection once the application is accepted.  No express Visa can be granted on the same day unless the sufficient proof is shown before 10:30am.


Visa fees

      You can either pay in cash or by cheque. If the latter, please make it payable to the Chinese Embassy. 

For Irish citizen:  30.00Euros for single entry,

                               45.00 Euros for double entries,

                               60.00 Euros for multi-entries,

                               90.00 Euros for one or two year multiple entries;

For Other passport holders: 33.00 Euros for single entry,

                                                    50.00 Euros for double entries,

                                                    66.00 Euros for multi-entries,

                                                    100.00 Euros for one or two year multiple-entries;

For Express service: additional express fee will be charged, 33.00 Euros for one day collection, 23.00 Euros for two days collection.



* Express service are not available for American citizens.

* Application by post will no longer be accepted by the visa section.

* The visa can be applied and collected in person or through a travel agent or a courier.

* Duration of stay of a visa varies. When necessary, extension of duration of stay of a visa is possible .*  Foreign tourists are not permitted to assume  employment in China.
*  No vaccination is required for short-term visitors (less than 3 months) except for those who come from/via epidemic areas. A health certificate is required for those who stay in China for more than one year.
*  Foreign tourists are not allowed to bring into China their bikes and vehicles.
*  The visa application form may be downloaded photocopied.


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